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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

DOMS is thought to be caused by microscopic muscle tears which occur when we exercise harder than usual. This is a normal process which is required for growth in muscle size and strength. However, if

training is progressed too quickly excessive tearing can occur, which results in DOMS. Also if you start a sport or exercise which your body is not accustomed to, DOMS can occur for the first few sessions. This

is one of the reasons why training should start very lightly and progress gradually.Any movement that your muscle is unaccustomed to can lead to DOMS, but movements that cause muscle to forcefully contract while it lengthens (eccentric contractions) seem to cause the greatest pain.Examples of eccentric muscle contractions include going downstairs, running downhill, lowering weights and the downward motion of squats and push-ups.In addition to small muscle tears there can be associated swelling in a muscle which may contribute to soreness.No research has been proven 100% effective in reducing DOMS.Active Recovery does have some support in the research.Performing easy low-impact aerobic exercise increasing blood flow and is linked with diminished muscle soreness.After an intense workout or competition, this technique could be used as a part of a cool-down.Research has found that sports massage may help reduce reported muscle soreness and reduce swelling, although it had no effects on muscle function.

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